Daily Lunch

*Daily lunch 95kr (or order anything from our menu)
  • Monday
  • * 95 kr 11:30 -14:00
  • A. Banh Mi Ga Xa + Classic Summer Roll

    Sweet Chicken Lemongrass Sandwich

    B. Com Nem Nuong

    Jasmine Rice with Grilled Pork Skewers

    C. Goi Tom

    Vietnamese Shrimp Vermicelli Salad

  • Tuesday
  • * 95 kr 11:30 -14:00
  • A. Banh Mi Siu Mai + Classic Summer Roll

    Vietnamese Meatball Sandwich

    B. Com Ga Xa

    Jasmine Rice with Sweet Chicken Lemongrass

    C. Goi Bo

    Vietnamese Beef  Vermicelli Salad

  • Wednesday
  • * 95 kr 11:30 -14:00
  • A. Banh Mi Bo Kho

    Vietnamese 7 spices beef stew with baguette

    B. Com Com Xa Xiu

    Jasmine Rice with Grilled Red Pork

    C. Goi Ga

    Vietnamese Chicken Vermicelli Salad

  • Thursday
  • * 95 kr 11:30 -14:00
  • A. Banh Mi Nem Nuong + Classic Summer Roll

    Vietnamese Pork Skewers Sandwich

    B. Com Bo Kho

    Jasmine Rice with 7 Spices Beef Stew

    C. Goi Tom

    Vietnamese Shrimp  Vermicelli Salad

  • Friday
  • * 95 kr 11:30 -14:00
  • A. Banh Mi Xa Xiu + Classic Summer Roll

    Vietnamese Red Pork Sandwich

    B. Com Siu Mai

    Jasmine Rice with Vietnamese Meatballs

    C. Goi Bo

    Vietnamese Beef Vermicelli Salad

  • Weekly Offer
  • * 95kr - 105kr 11:30 -14:00
  • Pho

    Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup…105kr

    Bun Bo Hue

    Vietnamese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup…105kr

    Com Chay

    Jasmine Rice with vegetarian stir-fried tofu mix….95kr

    Goi Chay

    Vegetarian vermicelli salad stir-fried tofu mix….95kr

    Banh Mi Chay + Vegetarian Summer Roll

    Stir-fried tofu mix sandwich including a veggie summer roll….95kr

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